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Pikler Triangles

Top Seller

The pikler triangle is a great way to keep your kids busy, all while keeping them engaged! Great for babies and toddlers to learn about problem solving!


Toddler Helper Stool

Top Seller

Introducing our toddler helper stools! A great way for children to get involved with their caregivers! 

Toddler helper stools help introduce children to learning real life experiences, such as cooking and baking (but not limited to!). It helps with their fine motor, as well as their language skills, all while being next to their caregivers. 

Our toddler helper stools have 3 adjustable heights that can be changed as your child grows. It comes fully sealed with a non-toxic wood sealer. We also offer a non-sealed stool for those who would like to paint or stain their stool.



Featured Item

We have 3 different ramp styles to choose from depending on the level of difficulty you'd like to explore. 

The rock climbing ramp is our most advanced level ramp. It's great for children 2+ years. It allows children to explore left-right hand and foot movements, alongside experiencing new textures. 

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New Addition

Want a product where you can climb up when you're feeling a lot of high energy, and a place where you can unwind to take a break and read a book? Our rockers are perfect for that!

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