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Sensory Table

**LIMITED TIME ONLY: Purchase a sensory table and get a FREE chair!**

We are proud to annouce our sensory tables and chairs! Sensory tables are multifunctional, meaning that with the covers on, children able to do work, or you can take the lids off to do sensory activies and games! These are tried and tested!

What makes our sensory table unique?


Table Covers are made from acrylic! This means that you can write on it with whiteboard marker (yes, you heard me right!) and it easily erases! This is PERFECT for saving paper and practicing drawing and writing skills!

Pencil stoppers: do you ever get a little annoyed when pencils/ crayons/ markers keep rolling off the table? Well, this is the table for you! We included pencil stoppers to stop them from rolling off the table! No more constantly picking up pencils from the floor every 5 seconds! 

Quality: are tables are HEAVY! Made from furniture grade Baltic Birch plywood, this table has quite the weight! Why is this important? First of all, it provides durability. It will last many, many years! Secondly, it makes it harder for littles to push them around. We found it not practical and, at some points, dangerous if a child is constantly moving furniture around, so we created our products a bit heavier in order to prevent this! 

Each sensory table comes with 2 wipeable covers and 2 bins. 
*Does not come with any inserts*
All wood comes fully sealed with non-toxic wood sealer. 

Sensory Table

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