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Rock Climbing Ramp

*Triangle sold separately*

Current turnaround time: 2-3 weeks

Yes! Our ramps are reversible! If choosing a climbing option, one side will have a slide, and the other the climbing holds!

The rock climbing ramp is our most advanced level ramp. It's great for children 2+ years. It allows children to explore left-right hand and foot movements, alongside experiencing new textures. Ramps are made from Baltic Birch, all which is purchased locally. All wood comes fully sealed with a non-toxic wood sealer.



Regular: 48" long x 15" wide

Medium: 57" long x 15" wide


Tip: We recommend choosing the size the corresponds with the triangle you are purchasing. The medium sized ramp will work with the regular triangle, however the regular ramp will be too short for the medium triangle.

Rock Climbing Ramp

SKU: 284215376135191
  • Made from high quality Baltic Birch plywood. All products are painted and sealed with a non-toxic wood sealer. 

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